Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The word of the week, "Wheel".
I used colored pencil, watercolor and oil.
My favorite part is the composition and colors. I love the colors with how warm it looks, and I like that your eye moves around the piece.
I was hard to choose the final layer of oil. I debated between a Cadmium Yellow Medium, Burnt Umber, or Yellow Ochre. I ended up going with the Yellow Ochre and just a little of the Burnt Umber in the upper half. Burnt Umber is really dark and I was a little scared to put it on the entire piece.
And looking at the piece now, I think that the a darker layer would not have shown the sunset as much as it does now. The colors would be different and I really like the colors as they are now.  
I am still really pleased with the finished product. I like the colors and composition. I think it turned out well. 

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