Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ghosting in the Library


I finally ghosted a piece! I have seen other illustrators use this technique beautifully and have always wanted to try it. Ghosting is basically a thin wash of white gesso; it creates instant depth and focus. The background falls to the back while the foreground gets pulled to the front.

Step #1Color
Color the entire piece. I used prisma color pencil, and colored everything. Make sure the values; shadows and highlights, are exactly how you want them. The piece should look done.

Step#2 Gesso Wash
I really wanted the fore ground to stand out more. I took a thin layer of white gesso and painted the shelf behind the librarian. I ended up painting 3 thin layers.

Step #3 Matte Medium and Clear Gesso
I applied a thin layer of matte medium and clear gesso over the entire piece.

Step #4 Oil wash
I painted a thin layer of oil wash over the piece. I brought out the texture by lifting off some of the oil with a needed eraser. I also darkened the top corners to bring the focus again more on the librarian.

Now that I have successfully ghosted a piece, I am excited to try it again.

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