Sunday, February 17, 2013

Digital vs Traditional Painting

I tried something new this week, I mixed media that I hadn't really mixed before; digital and traditional. I have seen several other artists do this, but never thought I could do it. I wasn't too sure of the process and layers that the other artists used. After doing a little bit of research, this method worked for me. I might try other ways later, but for right now; this works.

I painted this picture with traditional watercolor. I used several layers of paint, slowly building up to the depth of color I wanted.

I digitally "painted" with a brush in thin layers, just as if I was painting traditionally. I did have to play around with some different brushes before I found the one that worked. The bonus of working digitally is that you can delete a layer if it doesn't work.
I debated between adding text or leaving it "empty". My husband thought of the text, and it was better than the nursery rhyme I was going to go with. The added text definitely makes me giggle more than with out the text, and it basically summarizes the nursery rhyme in one word.

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