Thursday, February 7, 2013

Black Hawk UH-60

Black Hawk UH-60

I was very excited to receive this commission request. My husband is in flight school and is training to fly a Black Hawk UH-60, one of his friends saw some of my work and asked me to paint him a Black Hawk. The client was very easy going and great to work with; after I showed him some color sketches he chose to go with the silhouette in the night sky.

Favorite Part
I love the sky! I am really pleased with the blending, the stars and the Milky Way that is almost hidden in the sky. I love the contrast from light to dark. I didn't use any black, the darkest color is a Prussian Blue.

Toughest Part
The Black Hawk itself was the toughest part, it is very technical and precise. I would almost equate it with drawing a person. Everyone knows exactly what a person is supposed to look like, because we have looked in a mirror. Pilots are the same way with what they fly, they know their "bird" inside and out. Every little button is important and I needed to be just as precise.

I was very excited with how this turned out, and I my client was seemed just as pleased; if not more.

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