Sunday, April 21, 2013


My husband had to leave for one of his many military trainings. While he was gone, I saw his boots and wanted to capture a simple memory of him.
When he was done with his training and saw the drawing, he asked me why boots? I had to think about it. Boots are what get you to and from where you need to go. While everyone looks the same in their uniform, (which of course is the point) the boots have a different wear pattern. I was going to re-work this drawing before posting, however when I went to grab his boots, they were his flight boots, and not the summer boots. They had a totally different wear pattern and look. Each of his many pairs of boots are different and are worn for different reasons, flight, summer, winter, and special training. 
I have come to understand so much more about the military in my short time as a military wife. I understand why everyone has to look the same; the same uniform, hair cut, and boots. It is hard to tell individuals apart, I didn't see my husband when he was standing three feet from me. He of course thought that was hilarious. When everyone is the same, or at least looks the same, you begin to notice the tiniest differences. For me at least, I notice the boots.

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  1. If boots are hard, they're misery. If they're soft, they're your best friend. Good luck to you and your husband!